Moon Filly *pre-loved*

Moon Filly *pre-loved*

Wurring, almost a yearling, and the image of his great sire Winganna, is a golden chestnut with a mane and tail the colour of living light of the sun.

When Winganna brings a hauntingly beautiful mare and her filly foal to the herd, Wurring is drawn to the tiny filly despite himself. When the beautiful mare dies, only Wurring has the courage to approach the orphan. He calls her Ilinga because she has come from far away. She becomes his shadow, to the envy of the other foals. Where is she from? As she grows, she becomes more and more beautiful, glowing with the beauty of the moon, and it becomes obvious that her dead mother must have been of great value.

What happens when an ugly and mean iron grey stallion comes looking for what he has lost? Is Ilinga and Wurring's love for each other enough for them to overcome the odds? What of the legend that says that before the moon and sun can be together, the light of the sun must almost be extinguished?

This is a pre-loved hardback of Moon Filly, by Elyne Mitchell. The book was first published in 1968 and this is a First Edition. The book is in very good condition, with only minor wear to the dustjacket.         


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