Fillets of Plaice *pre-loved*

Fillets of Plaice *pre-loved*

The story of the Durrell family after they left the island of Corfu and returned to England. Young Gerald's family hoped he'd outgrow his love of animals. It didn't quite work out that way. After leaving the island of Corfu, the Durrell family and their Greek maid Maria Kondos moved back to Britain in 1939. It was difficult to find work, especially for a home-schooled boy, but Gerald managed to land a job as a helper at an aquarium and pet store. This is the story of those years, filled with humour--along with spiders, lizards and water fleas. Gerald Durrell would go on to become a revered world conservation hero, and champion of all animals, especially those under threat and overlooked by others. The breeding sanctuary he established in the English Channel island of Jersey, the Wildlife Preservation Trust International, has done much to preserve critically endangered species.

This is a pre-loved paperback of Fillets of Plaice, by Gerald Durrell. The book was first published in 1971 and this is a 1973 edition. The book is in excellent condition, with only a very faint spine crease. 


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