Rabbits and Bears Colouring Book


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Growing up on a farm, Robert Bissell learned to love animals and nature. When he became a painter, he chose to make pictures of wild animals living in an enchanted land. The rabbits and bears in his paintings can do extraordinary things, like float a foot above the ground and tell each other stories. They seem to have a very peaceful, happy life in their magical world, and they all seem to be thinking about something, don’t they?

This coloring book contains twenty line drawings of Robert Bissell’s paintings for you to color. The full-color paintings are shown as small pictures on the inside front and back covers. When you color in the line drawings, you can copy the original colors or you can experiment with other color combinations of your own. You might colour the bunnies and bears in shades of grey and brown, as they appear in nature, or you could make them bright primary colours or even neon colours.

They've left the last three pages of this colouring book blank so you can create your own animal pictures. Can you draw animals that look as wide-awake and curious about life as Robert Bissell’s rabbits and bears?

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