Reusable Produce Bags - Fine Mesh


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The perfect waste-free solution when shopping for fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer, supermarket or farmers market. Use them in place of small plastic bags. They are lightweight, quick-drying, durable, breathable and can be used over and over, and it's still easy to see what's inside.

And they have so many other uses:

  • purchasing dry goods like pasta or beans
  • laundry bags for delicates
  • wet bags for swimming accessories - store bathers, goggles and caps
  • storing and carrying shoes (perfectly fits one pair)
  • kitchen muslin cloth for filtering juice, cheese or nut milk

These bags are quite stiff when new but soften after wear and washing. They can be used as wash bags for delicates too!

Machine washable and quick drying. 100% polyester.

Measures 25 x 30cm.

Bag weight is printed on the label to make it easy to subtract at checkout.

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