Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST
Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST
Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST
Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST
Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST
Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST

Taproot: Issue 48 :: NEST

The forty-eighth issue of Taproot, an independent, bimonthly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates farm, food, family and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic. 

NEST, is full of homey goodness to carry you through the season, and into the new year.

Find a collection of craft projects to busy your hands including a knit cowl, crochet blanket, sewn stuffed animal, and cross-stitch pattern, plus green gifting, festive shrubs and cocktails, nourishing recipes, and so much more. You'll want to cozy up with this one as soon as it lands on your doorstep!

by Meera Lee Patel

essays about living a more connected life

Through Every Season
by Kathryn Millar (photos by Hannah Welling)
On Inhabitance
by Meredith Leigh (illustration by Kelly Belter)
A Camper on the Farm
by Amanda Riley
Genius Loci
by Jessie Lehson

recipes & crafts

Slow Food
by Amanda McLemore
Feathering the Nest & the Table
by Ashley English (photos by Erin Adams)
Festive Winter Shrubs
by Kaity Farrell
Potluck Pie
by Jessica Lewis Stevens
Nesting Snowy Owls 
by Alison Kaplan (photos by Joanna Camp)
Waffle-Stitch Baby Blanket
by Ashlyn Holmes
Murmur Creek Cowl
by Brienne Moody (photos by Rachel McDonald)
Two Crows Joy
by Leah B. Thibault
Green Up Your Gifting
by Leslie F. Halleck

the personal experience of more connected living

The Pitfalls of Playing
by Michele Perry (illustrations by Addie Best)
The Man Who Makes Birds
by Joe Aultman-Moore (illustrations by Madison Safer)
The Weavers
by Kirsten K. Shockey
I, Too, Have Been Writing This
by Brianna McCabe Van Dyk (photo by Heather Evans Smith)

printed on FSC-Certified Paper
8.375 x 10.875 inches
full color
perfect bound


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