Two in the Bush *pre-loved*

Two in the Bush *pre-loved*

Two in the Bush is a record of the six-month journey which took Gerald Durrell, his wife Jacquie, and two cameramen through New Zealand, Australia and Malaya. The object was, first, to see what was being done about the conservation of wildlife in these countries, and, secondly, to make a series of television films for the BBC. They were introduced to many rare and remarkable animals - Royal Albatrosses, Tuataras, Duck-Billed Platypuses, Flying Lizards and Long-Nosed Bandicoots, as well as to some equally unusual humans.

This is a pre-loved paperback of Two in the Bush, by Gerald Durrell. The book was first published in 1966 and this is a 1973 edition. The book is in fine condition, with only a faint spine crease and superficial wear to the cover.        


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