Waste Not Want Not *pre-loved*

Waste Not Want Not *pre-loved*

This book includes over 200 ideas for reusing and recycling.

In this disposable world we live in, this fabulous book is packed with ideas for recycling and reusing things that we would normally throw away.

From using cans and bottles for quirky containers, to making peg bags from old shirts and using egg cartons for storing Christmas baubles, there are lots of ways in which to make good use of everyday things found lying around the home - things that you may think are only good for the bin.

Covering paper, plastics, tin, glass, ceramics, textiles and more - it shows how even an old pair of tights can have a new, useful life!

This is a pre-loved hardback of Waste Not Want Not, by L&K Designs. The book was published in 2008. The book is in excellent condition, with barely perceptible minor wear to the cover.


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