Zero Waste Families E-course
Zero Waste Families E-course
Zero Waste Families E-course
Zero Waste Families E-course

Zero Waste Families E-course

The Zero Waste Families E-course is a four week program designed to help your family reduce their ecological footprint. Whether you intend to live a completely zero waste lifestyle, or gain some insight and ideas to reduce your family’s waste consumption and output, this course will lead you through interesting discussion and engaging activities to provide up-to-date information, handy tips and the support you need to get going and devise a plan forward that works best for you and the planet.

Here’s what the course gives you:

  • Up-to-date information on waste-related issues.
  • Information about local waste strategies and tips for finding information in your locality.
  • Handy printables for your own planning and record keeping.
  • Tips and support for assessing your waste and staying accountable.
  • Ideas on where to begin.
  • Tips on waste-free shopping and shifting towards waste-free living.
  • Resources and recipes for replacing items in your home.
  • A list of resources such as books and films, for all ages to learn from or to get you talking.
  • Engaging activities to undertake with your kids to involve them in the discussion and solutions.
  • Support for creating change near you.
  • Access to a supportive, closed Facebook community to share your insight, and pose any questions, chats with us and find extra inspiration, support and general hand-holding!

Through the course you’ll learn about practical techniques such as composting, worm farming, keeping small animals, making your own household products, cooking and preserving, gardening, upcycling, seed-saving, bulk food shopping, and so much more!

The course is packed with information and goodies, but at a super-affordable price so it can be affordable to as many families as possible. 

After signing up, you’ll receive access to all four weeks worth of information, so you can work at your own pace and focus on the areas that are most useful for your own family’s needs. 

After you've purchased the course, you'll receive an automatic link with instructions to log into view all course materials. You'll also find this information in your account area on the Spiral Garden website. 

For each Zero Waste Families membership purchased, we will donate 10% to Waste Aid, which works with 
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities to create long-term sustainable solutions to address inadequate waste management in disadvantaged communities.

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