Zero Waste Mentoring - Via Skype/Zoom


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Would you like to reduce your waste, or transition to zero waste living, but need some support to get started? We can help you! We offer honest and supportive encouragement, and advice tailored to you, to help you get going.

We set aside some time to talk you through analysing and reducing the waste you create. We'll help you audit your pantry, rethink how you shop, and make sure you're putting any waste in the correct places. We can even help you to get started with composting! We can help you plan your shopping and getting set up, or if you're already on your way to zero waste living, we can help you fine-tune things even further so your waste reduction system is working best for you and the planet. We'll make sure you're on the way towards a closed loop cycle, so your waste is a valuable resource for your home, garden and community.

We offer mentoring in your home, wherever you live, via Skype/Zoom/video messaging service of your choice.  You can choose individual sessions based on your needs, or a three part mentorship program tailored to you and your family. This is an excellent addition to our Zero Waste Families e-course.

Here are the options:

Introduction to Zero Waste Living: We will arrange a time for a Skype call so we can take you through the basics of zero waste living, help you assess where you're at, and map out a plan that suits your family and helps to reduce your waste. 1 x 45 minute consultation

Zero Waste Shopping: We will help you plan your next shopping trip! We can help work out the logistics of shopping waste-free near you. We will help you with your shopping kit, help finding alternatives, and help you find your way around waste-free shopping, within your means. 1 x 45 minute consultation.

Advanced Zero Waste Living: Now that you're already on the path to living with less waste, we will meet with you and help you reduce your waste even further. We can share our favourite recipes and tips, have a good look at how you're doing things, and help you tweak things a little further, to find what works well for you. 1 x 45 minute consultation.

The Whole Shebang: The complete package gives you the support and accountability to really set you on your way to waste free living. Our aim is to leave you with a waste reduction system, and a plan in place, which works well for your family and the beautiful planet we all share, so you can confidently live waste-free, towards the future. 3 x 45 minute consultations. 

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