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We love celebrating and if we can find a little time to make something colourful for a celebration, we will. Living waste-free, means we love to make things out of natural fibres, so they'll compost at the end of their usefulness. It also means we take our design and colour inspiration from nature, and we make do with what we have on hand. Making things by hand helps us slow down, appreciate the work that goes into things, and it captures our own creativity and styles. 

Last year, we added to our collection of seasonal decorations with some colourful felt love hearts. They can be used at any time of year, which we love, but we tend to save these ones specially for the Christmas tree. We settled down to make them while watching a cheesy Christmas movie, and enjoyed slowing down to make something simple, together. 


We've thrown together a template and instructions for making your own, over here. They're super easy! You can make them with felt and some wool stuffing or fabric scraps, and a little colourful embroidery floss. If you have smaller kids who want to join in, they might like to make some easy hessian hearts, like our girls made a few years ago. Just use some yarn and a blunt darning needle to stitch around some pieces of hessian, cut with the same heart-shaped template - make it a little bigger if you wish! 

They make lovely gifts - you could add some dried lavender and other scented things for drawer sachets or dream pillows, or just make them in your own style and add to the collection each year, or for any celebration! Can't have too many love hearts! 

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