Reframing Waste (and Spiral Garden)

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Ten years ago, when we were handed the reigns of Spiral Garden, we were so excited to tend a lovely little shop of products that supported home-educating families like ours. Along the way, we dove deep into permaculture and waste-free living, and the ethics of both have impacted our lives and our business. We felt conflicted for some time, selling beautiful and useful new products, while promoting 'second-hand first'. It was time for us to bring Spiral Garden into alignment with how we live, and move forward, as spirals do. 

After many requests through the years, we’ve finally launched our YouTube channel, which is the first of our new offerings. We’ll be sharing low-tech, simple, home-based, waste-free climate solutions there regularly.Our aim is to make it easier for more people to embrace waste-free living and to create a healthier future for the planet. We’ll show you how to enact positive change in your home and community - and have fun doing it! Here's the intro video:

First up, we tackle the notion of a waste-free mindset and share what works for us. We talk about how we avoid the feelings of overwhelm that sometimes accompany people who are starting out at reducing waste. 

Waste is a product of consumerism. It infiltrates every aspect of modern life. It's an indicator of a society's attitude and response to taking action on climate. A society that doesn’t make waste is doing a good job at making sure we have a liveable planet. Tackling waste in small-steps can feel like the right approach, but and finding one-for-one replacements for every product you use can feel overwhelming. It could also take a lifetime - but our earth needs fast action.
“What is the least wasteful option here?” Simplifying each problem down to this one simple question can help make decision-making easier and faster. Having a consistent mindset to "avoid waste, where possible", can reduce the feelings of overwhelm when it comes to taking action on climate.

This is the one simple mindset shift that we made so that the answers come easily - even when there are barriers and limitations. It's a great place to start. Watch the video here: 

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